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Treating Your Body as a Home

How many of you have convinced yourselves that your body is temporary? I know that I have.

Treating your body as temporary can come in many forms, such as fantasizing what it will feel like to be "thin" again, to be "fit" again, or to look different than you do right now.

What I have come to learn over time is the shame we feel about our bodies does not simply vanish as a result of making our bodies look a certain way. These feelings are deeply rooted in the way others and ourselves respond as we navigate how we take up space in the world. We have been brain-washed to believe that unrealistic media figures and barbie dolls represent reasonable bodies, with this idea reinforced by every person who commented on our weight.

Your body works every single day to keep you healthy, able, and alive - it is worthy of being treated like it belongs to someone you love.

What would happen if you began to treat your body as your home?

A place in which you were deeply connected to every part of yourself?

How would this shift your inner-dialogue?

Your body is the home that you grew up in, and reconnecting with it is the first-step to healing and loving yourself.

Here are 6 steps to help you reconnect with your body, or to support your continued connection:

  1. Create a list of all the amazing things your body can do for you. Look at this list frequently and add to it once a month to cultivate gratitude for your body.

  2. Make a list of all the people who have inspired you in your life. Write down three things you appreciate about each person. Reflect on your answers - are any of them related to appearance?

  3. Make a list of the ways you impact the lives of others. Are any of the amazing things you do related to your body, weight, or shape?

  4. Engage in activities that make your body feel happy and healthy.

  5. Unfollow anyone who makes you feel bad about your appearance. Follow those on social media who inspire you. Follow those on social media who mirror your body shape and size. Remember: many companies are designed to profit from our insecurities. You are worthy of taking up space in the world, just as you are.

  6. Dress your body in a way that makes you feel good. You do not need to hide your body just because it's size or shape makes others uncomfortable.

Body-love mantra: Thank you for loving me, even when I didn't know how to love you back. I promise to treat you with love and kindness, even on the hard days.


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